Our program for term 3, 2019 is, as usual, varied and interesting!

We start preparing the coming term program at least mid way through the preceding term. If you have any suggestions for topics or speakers, please contact us.

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A Smorgasbord of Talks

Talks on many varied subjects, with time for discussion and questions. Topics for term 3 include:

  • Mars – should humans colonise it?
  • Literary mysteries and puzzles
  • Matthew Flinders
  • Venice
  • The Tarkine Wilderness
  • Navigating the aged care system
  • Female suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Less stress, more ease (how to move and work)
  • There should be a law against that! The law is an ass!
  • Shipwrecks and tragic maritime events in Tasmanian history

Book Club

Cygnet U3A book club focuses on themes rather than the same book every month. Topics for term 3 2019 include short stories, writings by an indigenous author, creativity and culture, and Warlight by Michael Oondaatje. You choose fiction or non-fiction – any work to illustrate the theme, which is why our meetings are interesting, informative and fun.

Family History Interest Group

A small group of genealogy tragics meet to share experiences, discuss techniques and generally learn from each other.

Fascia Stretching Workshops

This 6 week program looks at how we are designed and constructed, so that we can
better understand how to move and work with less strain and more ease. It consists of some theory, plus some stretches and finesse in using our bodies to achieve flexibility and fluidity in movement.

Garden & Gourmet

A series of visits, talks and workshops on all things garden, and gourmet, with plenty of opportunity to look, discuss and ask.

Men’s Forum

The Men’s forum meets to discuss any topics of interest, relevance or concern. And do a bit of socialising . . .

Play Reading

Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Crime – experience the joys and sorrows of other lives, places and times. You don’t have to have great acting skills – just be able to read, enjoy being entertained and love laughing. Beginners welcome.

Painting with Acrylics

This Acrylics class will continue similar to last term …. but stepping up the challenge will be on the agenda! This term will focus on light source, composition and colours that enhance light and shade. Exercises will be undertaken with perspective and foreshortening which will then be incorporated into your paintings. An exciting term ahead of us.

Painting – Continuers

Painting can be a solitary hobby, and often frustrating. This group is an opportunity to socialize, learn from, and share experience with other potential artists in an informal setting. It is not restricted to watercolours but includes other mediums such as acrylics and pastel. It is designed to complement our tutored classes, by providing a space for those who are past the beginners stage.

Writers Group

We look at various aspects of the novel, non-fiction, memoirs, historical novel, scriptwriting, autobiography, and whatever else the group is interested in.


Some of our courses have limits on numbers – for more details on this, and more information on each course, please read our most recent program, available on the Program page.

If you are presenting a talk for us, there is more information you may need, and details of what we need from you, on our For Presenters page.

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